Research and Creative Practice at the intersection of art and science by Becky Lyon



Becky Lyon creates assemblages of objects, speculative cultural artefacts, mixed-matter visuals and snatches of sensory transmissions to create thought-tickling conversations around a post-natural future and tensions/poetry between the ‘organic’ and ‘artificial’. 

She considers herself a techno-optimist and is continually awestruck by the resilience, creativity and innovation inherent in Nature 'OS', itself the most potent of technologies. 

Taking cues from mutation, gene-craft, artificial life and techno-animation, much of her work pivots around the emergence of unfamiliar, sometimes ambiguous entities and environments where biology-geology-technology blur.

She has exhibited at the TATE Modern Studio Reflex and TEDx Royal Society and her work will be exhibited at The Science Gallery Dublin Life at the Edges and the Athens Digital Art Festival, The Singularity, this summer. She is one of the artists in residence at THECUBE London exploring Sensing Mind <> Sensed Matter as part of The Extended Mind Collective. She is Co-Programme Lead for London LASER and the V&A Futures Series.

She is studying MA Art and Science at Central Saint Martins, London.